Accessible Coding Resources

Find tips and strategies to help you teach coding in a more accessible way.

word cloud about coding for all with an illustration of several kids with diverse needs in the middle

Introduction to Accessible Coding

Coding education is becoming an increasingly common and important part of the curriculum in elementary schools around the world. However, coding education is not accessible to many kids.

Several groups of people cahtting at different exhibit stations in a large room.

Annual Conferences

Discover a list of annual conferences focused on education and technology for all learners.

An instructor is reading from a picture book that is also projected on the screen for a group of students sitting on wheelchairs.

Picture Book List

Discover a collection of picture books that include coding vocabulary and concepts or depict experiences, activities, and adventures to which coding concepts could be applied.

Two kids working together to build and analog program for Dot Robot

Strategies to Support Peer Collaboration

Find activities that involve learning to code and coding to learn and create offers opportunities to develop important teamwork skills that prepare learners for further learning, work, and life.

Two hands holding pieces of debugg'd coding kit

Examining Coding Applications for Accessibility

Review this framework intended to support educators as they explore and consider appropriate activities for coding instruction with their learners who experience learning challenges.

This image shows a student using braille keyboard

Weavly for Screen Reader Users

This guide provides more information about how to navigate and use the Weavly coding environment by screen readers.

A learner is using an alternative keyboard to access a laptop.

Weavly for Keyboard Users

This guide provides more information about how to navigate and use the Weavly coding environment with a keyboard.

A student using a on screen magnifier to access the computer.

Weavly for Learners with Low Vision

This guide will provide more information about how learners with low vision can navigate and use Weavly.