Here you can find tools and resources for anyone who likes to learn to code. Learners, parents, and teachers can explore many activities to find a place to start.

Coding Resources

Here you can find a collection of techniques and strategies to help create and set up an accessible environment for coding education.


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Activities at Home


Get “hands-on” with activities without using a computer or digital device


Learn the basics of coding with activities using a computer or digital device


Mix everything up! Combine virtual and physical interactions, or invite the robots

Activities with Robots

Check out a great collection of activities you can do with your robots to develop your computational thinking and programming skills.

Robot Activities

Image of Dash and Dot robots

Trainings & Workshops

Check out “Debug’d” upcoming online and in-person trainings and workshops.

Debugd’s explicit instruction, differentiated strategies, adapted electronic and ready-to-print materials deliver meaningful participation in classroom coding regardless of challenges

Visit Debug’d

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Share Learning Resources

Support other learners by sharing your ideas, handouts and activities.