Dash and Dot robots

Dash & Dot

Check out a great collection of activities you can do with your robots to develop computational thinking and programming skills.

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Pink background with illustration of Dash robot that is following a looped sequence of move forward and turn left and it's getting dizzy.

Creating loops

This activity teaches how to create repeated sequences.

Illustration of Dash surrounded by action blocks on driveway to a house

Dash's house

This activity builds a simple program sequence to move Dash.

Illustration of markers taped to Dash creating arcs and surrounded by action blocks

Free Play with Dash

This activity explores features of Dash.

Illustration of Dash in front of top half of a yellow semi-circle and musical notes to a blue background

Meet Dash and Dot: Light & Sound

This activity explores visual, audio, and animation control settings for Dash and Dot.

Illustration of Dash on grid facing yellow star surrounded by action blocks

Robot on a Mission

This activity challenges learners move past barriers to reach a destination.

Illustration of Dash with speech bubbles of action blocks and question marks


This activity communicates a sequences, like a game of telephone, except using code.

Illustration of markers taped to Dash leaving marks on Z-shaped path with action blocks around

Tracing shapes with Dash

This activity builds sequences to move Dash according to different shapes.

Illustration of Dot holding orange ball with dashed line to clock and arrow to a red net

Wait for

This activity creates a setting for Dash and Dot to pause.