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Two hands trying to group spoons, forks, pots, and cans.

Categories around us

This activity gives learners an opportunity to understand and practice sorting.

Illustration of two hands creating a loop pattern with beads

Creating Loops

In this activity, learners try creating loops in a repeated sequence.

Illustration of hands dancing and clapping and weavly movement blocks

Dancing to the beat

This moving activity helps learners practice directions.

Illustration of two hands pointing at opposite directions

Directions anywhere, anytime

This activity helps learners explore and practice their directions.

Illustartion of a hand trying to put a series of cards in the correct order

Fixing a sequence

This activity helps learners to identify and change patterns.

Illustration of robot on grid surrounded by action blocks

Human robots

This activity involves learning and practice directions and sequencing.

Illustration of a beaded string with hand holding magnify glass over heart-shaped bead

Learning about patterns

This activity helps learners to identify patterns.

Illustration of hands holding a row of four action blocks surrounded by colourful lego blocks

Lego sequencing

This activity uses an analog version of block-based coding and sequencing.

Illustration of five picture of potted plant at different growing stages and hand holding picture of grown plant with sun

Sequencing in daily activities

This activity helps learners to understand how a series of objects and events can happen in a specific and logical order.

Illustration of grid with curtain at right and left side and hands placing elements of stars and moons on string, mountains and tree

Setting up the stage

This activity teaches learners to build a background on the scene.

Illustration of hands holding signs of action blocks

What are directions to me

This activity covers directions using our hands and feet.

Illustration of hands holding tall and short round robot holding hands

What's a robot

This activity explores what robots are and how they follow instructions.

Illustration of hands pointing to animals and action blocks on branch

Mission: Visiting Animals

This multi-level activity challenges players to build a sequence to complete a mission.

Illustration of yellow and purple hand pointing at maze with star in centre, surrounded by action blocks

Moving through a maze

This activity practice directions.

Illustration of orange hand grabbing emergency button with red medical cross surrounded by grid and action blocks

Mission: Rescue

This multi-level activity challenges players to build a sequence to complete a mission.

Illustration of orange hand pointing to moon and grid with orange rocket beside three teal action blocks

Mission: Travelling to the moon

This activity challenges learners to build a sequence to complete a mission.