Illustration of Cubetto in front of top side of a yellow semi-circle with command blocks around

Meet Cubetto

Cubetto No Coding Experience Introduction


This introductory activity allows learners to explore different features of Cubetto, the wooden cube robot. In this activity, learners will practice planning a sequence and moving Cubetto in different directions.


  • Watch video on what is a robot or read a picture book about robots. Link to video
  • Read a social story on how to play with robots (e.g. expectations on how to handle and respect robots).
  • Share some adjectives as vocabulary that will be used for this activity. This includes shapes (i.e. square/cube), wheels, face, wood, brown, tail.
  • Learner to observe and take notice of Cubetto (e.g. what do you notice about Cubetto) using the discussed vocabulary.


  • Ensure operational batteries are available.
  • Ensure Cubetto is operational prior to activity.
  • Set an agenda with the duration/time-frame of this activity to establish expectations and keep advanced learners engaged within a group setting.

Skill Development

  • Directional
  • Observational
  • Spatial

Supportive Materials